Deep Blue Scuba

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do you dive?

Unfortunately, large bodies of water are one thing missing in this beautiful state. But there are bodies of water....
For the Open Water classes as well as Discover Scuba and Reactivate programs, we go diving in the West Mesa Aquatic center pool. This is an ideal environment to become (re-) acquainted with the underwater world in a safe and convenient way. The pool is 13ft deep at its deepest point and has a convenient shallow section.
For the Open Water class, the weekend following the completion of the pool section, we complete the Open Water dives in the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa. See the Agenda section below for more information on that.

Do I tip the staff?

That is up to you... know that instructors receive basic compensation for their actual teaching time and divemasters do not. All dive professionals at Deep Blue have their respective 'day jobs' as teaching scuba is more of a calling than it is a job (particularly in a land-locked state).
For some perspective: when you go on vacation, a tip jar is frequently found on boats and it is not unusual for each diver to give $20 per half-day to their (paid) dive guide. Now compare this to the people who spend two full weekends with you to introduce you to this fascinating sport.

What does the day look like when I take the Open Water Class?

We have two downloadable PDF files that may help with this:

These should provide you with the basic information on where you meet and when. You are of course also welcome to call the shop with any additional questions (or ask during the pool class).
What is important (if taking the Open Water class) is that you complete the online (e-learning) portion before you show up for the Saturday Pool session. The e-Learning can take several hours (anywhere from 5-20 is a realistic assumption, depending on prior knowledge, etc.). Plan ahead, your instructor will not be permit you to perform parts that you have not completed online first.
You did not receive a link to do the online learning portion? Please call the shop asap...

Do I need (to buy) Equipment?

You will need a Mask, Fins (that accommodate boots, not the 'closed heel' type), and a snorkel. We provide the rest... It is important that you have a SCUBA mask (not one intended for swimming or snorkeling). The same goes for the fins, short (Snorkeling) fins (aka 'Flippers') will make for a very tiring weekend.
You are of course welcome to purchase a specially priced package from the store that has been specifically chosen; keep in mind that we offer a discount at the time when you purchase the class.
Beyond these items, you will also need to bring swimwear and a towel (at the very least).

Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

Well, not exactly. Part of the Open Water course involves a 200-yard swimming test. This is neither timed, nor is it required to be done in any 'style'. However you complete that distance (in the pool), is acceptable. So, it is important that you can swim, but you do not need to be an athlete.
Most movement during diving is very relaxed and calm, so no special swimming skill is required.
One item to perhaps point out is that you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire , if there are items on there that require you to get a medical clearance, you will need to account for that in advance.

Online Reviews

We take great pride in providing a personal experience and are always happy to hear when people have had a good time (in addition to learning to dive, of course). We cherish Google Reviews, so if you feel that your experience has been memorable and something you are comfortable with sharing, please search for "Deep Blue Scuba Albuquerque" on Google and click on the "Google Reviews" to read/write one.
And of course, if there is anything we can do during the class (or before/after) to provide a better experience, please let anyone of us know.